Information about Complaint Center

WASA is committed to Provide better services Its consumer for wich Major Steps are beings taken WASA has divided the Rawalpindi city into three main zones East , West & PP6. in each zone there are several complaint centers who deal their relevant complaints. These Complaint centers serve their respective Areas/Uc's by providing technical and human resources services. All technical and supervising staff is available at these centers.
Service at all the complaint centers is available from 8:0 AM to 11:00 PM   Click here for yearly Complaints
Note: Emergencies can be reported toll free number 1334 from 8:00Am to 11:00Pm (Monday to Sunday)

Information about Consumer Care Center

WASA has established Consumer care center in main building at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi.The Following facilities are available.
Quick disposal of complaints
New Water & Sewerage Connection
Facility of issuance of bill installment and waiver of fine
Receipt of Bill

Complaint Center with Phone Numbers

Complaint Center Liaquat Bagh

Camplaint Type
 Water Tanker051-5555489
 Water Supply Complaints051-5551534

Complaint Center Satellite Town

 Water Supply Complaints051-9290497
  Sewerage Complaints051-9290494
 Billing Related complaint (Satellite Town Region) 051-4429192

Complaint Center Khayaban-e-Sirsyed

 Water Supply Complaints051-4834733
 Water Tanker 051-4834733
 Sewerage Complaints051-4834733
 Billing Related complaint 051-4834733

Complaint Center (White Tanki)

 Water Tanker051-9290491

Complaint Center Shamsabad

 Water Supply Complaints051-2372122

Complaint Center Moti Mahal

 Sewerage Complaints051-9280008

Complaint Center Gulzar-e-Quaid

 Water Supply Complaints051-5955962

Complaint Center Bagh Sardaran

 Sewerage Complaints051-5538548

Complaint Center PP6

 Adiyala Road051-5571030
 Girja Road051-5681184

Important Note:

Incase of non-rectification or attendance of your complaints at complaint centers please call directly to the Head Office at following telephone numbers:

 Water Supply Complaints/Water Tanker Services (Director, W/S)051-5554374
 Sewerage Complaints (Director, S&D)051-5554071
 Revenue Complaints (Director, R)051-5532188
 Revenue Complaints (Deputy Director, R) 051-5530427
 General Complaints about WASA1334

Public Information Officer

Name & Designation of Officers
 Mr.Irfan Ahmed Chief PIO (Director Finance & Revenue)
 Mr Umer Farooq Deputy Director(information)5551294
 Mr Zafar iqbal Assistant Director(Admin)5555490-93 EXT 121
 Mr Sajid Mahmood Assistant Director(Accounts)5555490-93 EXT 116
 Mr Akmal Yaseen Assistant Director(A&C)5555490-93 EXT 111
 Mr Asim Nazir Assistant Director(Water Supply)
 Mr Muhammad Afzal Khan Assistant Director(S&D)5554071 & 9290494