The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) is committed to provide drinking water of Unquestionable quality in sufficient quantity and to treat the sewage generated to the required parameters. As the leader in providing water and sanitation services, WASA is recognized as an effective instrument of change through adopting state-of-the-art technologies for improving the quality of its services to the general public.


As per requirement of one of covenants of the ADB Loan No. 1260-PAK (SF) for the "Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Project" so that by the Loan closing date, it is well established and fully in command of all the infrastructure created through Loan on August 1992. - WASA took over of Filtration Plant and Conductance Main from PHED on 1st July 1996. - Taking over of Water Supply and Sewerage system from Defunct Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (Now Tehsil Municipal Administration) - WASA Fully Established and Operational from 1st April 1998


The Water and Sanitation Agency's objectives are defined as follows:
- To support ecologically sustainable development and to meet the community needs through the provision and maintenance of effective services.
- To provide high quality water supply complying with recognized drinking water standards and to transport and treat sewage for disposal to meet the City's environmental standards.

Our Customer

To effectively anticipate and to respond appropriately to customer needs.

Our Environment

To maintain sustainability of the Rawalpindi environment and to the sustainability of the wider environment.

Our People

To establish and maintain productive and valued staff.

Our Assets

To apply best practice in operating and maintaining our assets.

Our Finances

To maintain the WASA as a competitive and financially responsible and accountable entity.

Our Sustainability

To manage the business to be commercially successful in the longer term.

Our Accountability

To demonstrate accountability to all stakeholders.


- Provision and O&M of Water Supply
(i). Source: Rawal Lake Filtration Plant, Khanpur Dam, Tomar Service Reservoir and Tubewells.
(ii). Distribution Network including Water Works
- O&M of Sewerage System and related Appurtenance Billing and Revenue (water charges) collection to attain Financial Sustainability.
- Enforcement against Defaulters / Unauthorized Connections etc.
- Short Term and Long Term Planning for Tapping Additional Water Sources & Implementation to meet water supply and Sewerage demand projected on the period. The long term Projects are:
(i). Augmentation of water supply system based on Chahan Dam

WASA Rawalpindi at a Glance

Population (WASA Area) 1.5 Million
% Coverage 85
Total Consumer 127,019 Nos.
Total No. of Domestic Consumer 111,502 Nos.
Total No. of Commercial Consumer 13,506 Nos.
Planned Consumption 40 GPCD
Rawal Dam 10 MGD
Khanpur Dam 06 MGD
Tube wells 40 MGD
Total Production 56 MGD
No. of Functional Tube wells 400 Nos.
Sewerage Network 35%
Mini Filtration Plants 150 Nos.